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Buffalo Maid Hot Wing Sauce was developed in the kitchens of our family restaurant seven years ago when we couldn't find anything on the market that didn't dull your taste buds with a boring vinegar tang. So with a goal of more flavor and a desire to have a sauce that "clings to the wings" and doesn't run off on the plate, like our competitors, we began testing. Major testing - thousands of wings were consumed by our faithful bar crowds, we kept adding a little of this and a little of that until finally we had a sauce that took on a cult status in our area. "Best sauce ever" is often said after someone first tries Buffalo Maid Hot, alongside an ice cold beer to cool that rush of flavor and heat.

Alas, no sooner had we declared them a success a group of customers declared "We want Bar-B-Que!". As before nothing was available that said "WOW" to the taste buds, most BBQ sauces are too sweet or too smoky. Soon my chefs and I were adding spices that have never been mixed with a BBQ sauce before and we were getting rave reviews from our patrons who were having us mix up batches of the sauce for there backyard barbecues. This of course was the inspiration needed to begin producing both Buffalo Maid Sauces, in bottles, for supermarkets.

In our first year of production we have taken the national market by storm, winning a 2002 Fiery Foods and Barbecue magazine, 2nd Place Scovie Award for our hot variety. Meanwhile, Buffalo Maid BBQ took home the 1st Place Scovie Award for overall Wing Sauce and, 1st place overall Bar-B-Que sauce in the nation by Chile Pepper magazine's 2002 Fiery Food Challenge!