Michael's Cantina, at 9th and Omaha Ave. Norfolk, has a rich heritage of serving great food, since 1978 when our first location opened in South Omaha.

Michael's offers a relaxed, "come as you are" atmosphere, perfect after a long road trip, a round of golf, or just out on the town. We feature our own "REAL" Margaritas in traditional lime on the rock but, we offer many varieties including strawberry, peach, watermelon, and raspberry. Don't forget we also have the largest selection of ice cold Mexican beers and premium tequila in the area.

We became famous for offering some of the best Mexican food anywhere - period! Our Chile Rellenos start with fresh poblano peppers fire roasted in our kitchen then stuffed with cheeses, battered and fried. The pork roast, in our tamales, is slow cooked for hours before we mix it with our own mole sauce and masa. The burritos feature lean roast beef rather than ground beef and each week we order only the best avocados to make our guacamole. One taste and we will make you a believer.

Our homemade food isn't just limited to great Tex-Mex.
Michael's prides ourselves in a variety of great American sandwiches done right. Half Pound burgers, marinated chicken breast sandwiches, pork tenderloins breaded in our kitchen and a signature item, the Roast Beef Tavern sandwich that will satisfy the pickiest of diners. All are served with a choice of Waffle-Fries,onion rings, home style chile, or soup in season.

Finally, as an entertainment stop Michael's offers the NTN trivia game to it's patron FREE. Customers can compete against each other and customers from bars and restaurants across the country in a variety of trivia from pop music to ancient history. Check them out at: